Widex Hearing Aids

The newest Widex product line of hearing aids includes the Beyond, Unique, and Dream. They vary in technology and capabilities. Many Widex hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible offering the ability to connect wirelessly to other devices, making listening in many challenging situations easier. Widex also offers the Audibility Extender, which moves high-frequency sounds to lower pitches that can be heard more easily.

product widex Product Line

Widex Beyond  

With the Beyond iPhone and Android apps, the wearer is able to adjust settings for listening preferences, or when your environment changes - from the office to the restaurant to family outings.  The Widex Beyond also offers a rechargeable hearing device, the Beyond Z. 

Widex Unique

The Unique is a high-performance hearing aid.  One key feature of the Widex Unique is its ability to reduce wind noise interference, allowing outdoor recreational conversations to not be interrupted.  The Unique is also able to recognize changes in auditory situations and will adjust automatically.  The Unique Technology is available in a variety of styles and colors. 

Widex Dream Line 

The Dream Line is a series of in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aids that offer discreet hearing assistance, giving the wearer true-to-life sounds and communication. 

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