Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Millions of individuals rely on custom-fit hearing aids to assist in staying audibly connected to the world around them, and it’s understandable to feel helpless or frustrated when a device malfunctions. Wear and tear from friction and time can take their toll on hearing aids, but before you purchase a new hearing aid, consider repairs that can solve your problem and also save you money. Hearing aid repair costs can vary depending on the extent of damage, the cost of replacement parts for your hearing aid, and whether or not your device is under warranty. With thorough diagnostic testing, a hearing healthcare professional may be able to get your hearing aid working in no time.

If you are having trouble with your hearing aids and need repairs, we’d be more than happy to help you get your device back in working order. Contact one of our six convenient locations in Clifton, Paramus, Haskell, Pompton Plains, Morristown and Mahwah, NJ to schedule an appointment and find out what hearing aid repair options are available to you.

Common Hearing Aid Repairs

The most common hearing aid repairs include:

  • Battery door repair
  • Battery compartment repair due to corrosion
  • Tubing
  • Reprogramming
  • Earbud replacement
  • Extensive deep cleaning

At Home Hearing Aid Repairs

Here are a few common hearing aid fixes you can try right now:

  • Removing your hearing aid for a short period and reinserting
  • Double check the volume
  • Cleaning your hearing aid with delicate cleaning solution
  • Replacing the battery as specified by the manufacturer
  • Open and close the battery compartment to ensure it is correctly in place.


How To Videos – Please check out our How To Video’s for help with these common items.