Hearing Aid Batteries

Today’s hearing aids are powered by disposable zinc-air batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions carries all popular replacement batteries. Even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us, you can always stop in one of our convenient six Northern New Jersey locations and stock up on replacement batteries.

Disposable hearing aid batteries

Most digital hearing aids are powered by zinc-air batteries that resemble small silver buttons. This type of battery is disposable. When the battery is spent, you replace it with a fresh battery and discard the old battery properly.

Zinc-air batteries create an electrical charge when the zinc is exposed to the oxygen in the air around us. Disposable hearing aid batteries may last up to a week depending on the battery size, the number and type of functions you use, and the number of hours you wear your devices.

To change the batteries, open the battery door, take out the old battery, open the new battery package and remove the factory sticker, wait one or two minutes and then install the battery. To get the longest battery life, it’s important to wait after removing the sticker to maximize the zinc exposure to the air. 

Buying disposable batteries

Shopping for zinc-air disposable batteries is simple. All battery manufacturers use standard numbers and colors to indicate battery size. Just remember the color or number and stop in one of the Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions offices. You’ll find the disposable hearing aid batteries you need. The most common battery sizes are:

  • Size 5 batteries: Red label
  • Size 10 batteries: Yellow label
  • Size 312 batteries: Brown label
  • Size 13 batteries: Orange label
  • Size 675 batteries: Blue label

Larger batteries are used in the larger style hearing aids and provide the longest life.

Rechargeable batteries

More and more people are opting for hearing aids with rechargeable batteries. These devices free you from buying and storing disposable hearing aid batteries. These batteries use the same technology that powers your smartphone and tablet. Their lithium-ion technology provides long-lasting power to your hearing devices. Depending on the hearing aid, your rechargeable battery can provide power for up to 30 hours at a time.