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Hearing Aid Benefits for Veterans

Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions in New Jersey is pleased to announce it is credentialed with the Veterans Choice Program to offer free hearing aids and services for qualifying veterans.

The program offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) allows veterans to receive hearing aids and other health care services from credentialed community providers – paid for by the VA. This benefit is offered to veterans when the VA cannot provide medical care in a timely manner or if the nearest VA facility is too far away or too difficult to reach.

To receive free VA hearing aids, veterans must receive prior approval from the VA to receive care from Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, which has New Jersey locations in Clifton, Paramus, Haskell, Pompton Plains, Morristown, and Mahwah.

Veteran Hearing Aid Eligibility Requirements

Veterans are eligible to receive VA hearing aids if they meet one or more of these conditions:

  • VA can’t provide the proper services.
  • VA is unable to make an appointment for the veteran at the nearest VA medical facility within 30 days of the clinically indicated date. If VA can’t determine the date, it’s the date the veteran selects to be seen next.
  • Veteran lives more than 40 miles from the nearest VA medical facility with a full-time primary care physician.
  • Veteran has to travel by air, boat or ferry to reach the nearest VA medical facility.
  • Veteran faces what is deemed to be an excessive burden in traveling to the nearest VA medical facility (geographic challenges, health problem making travel difficult, or environmental factors).

Current and retired military personnel who do not meet these requirements may still be eligible to receive special discounts on hearing aids and hearing protection items from Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions.

For more information on discounted or free hearing aids for veterans, call Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions at 888.573.6412 or contact us online.

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