He Gave Me Back My Hearing!

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He Gave Me Back My Hearing!

December 6, 2022

Francine explains how Dr. Biondi is a miracle worker! She used to have pain in her ears and could only wear hearing aids for 10 minutes at a time. Now with the hearing aids Dr. Biondi programmed for her, Francine can wear them for 8 hours!

I Never Want To Be Without Them

Marlene got used to wearing her hearing aids pretty quickly and now she never wants to be without them again.

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Do It Sooner!

March 29, 2022

Julianne shares her thoughts about how she wishes she got her hearing aids sooner.

I Have The Best Hearing Aids

July 27, 2021

Romana talks about how she is able to hear everything with her new hearing aids! She also shares her positive experience at the Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions office after 2 years of searching for a quality provider.

A Word From SS

July 23, 2021

There are two reasons that I am writing this. The first is to thank Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions and Dr. Pat Biondi for changing my life now that I can hear people and the television once again! What a difference when you get the proper hearing aids and have a doctor who really knows […]

Your Service is Unbelievable

April 26, 2021

Ron talks with Dr. Biondi about his positive experience at the Haskell office. Playing in a rock band for many years compromised Ron’s hearing but through the use of hearing aids, he is able to hear music again.

I’m Just So Joyful

March 15, 2021

Adele expresses her happiness at having the ability to hear all of nature’s sounds thanks to her hearing aids. She also explains how she’ll enjoy the summer season even more now.

It’s Helping Me A Lot

Helen talks about how her hearing aids have helped her achieve better hearing. As a thank you, she used her creative skills to craft a unique gift for Dr. Biondi!

I Don’t Like Them, I’m Thrilled With Them

Rhoda explains her response to a fellow patient who asked her how she liked her hearing aids. They’re better than her previous devices and help her communicate with her son.

I Can Hear the Bells

John shares his experience about how his new Oticon hearing aids have allowed him to hear all the sounds in his truck.

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