How to Charge and Clean Your Hearing Aids

Upkeep is an essential aspect of owning and maintaining your hearing aid. With the proper care and attention, your hearing aids can go long periods without the need for professional cleaning or repairs. Although emergencies and accidents can take place, fortunately you can help to minimize the risk by understanding how to clean and charge your hearing aids properly.

How to Charge a Hearing Aid 

Conventional hearing aid batteries can provide sustained power for longer than rechargeable batteries, yet when they run out of juice, you need to invest in an entire new battery. Instead, utilizing a rechargeable hearing aid allows you to charge up your hearing aid battery whenever it is running low, meaning you won’t need to spend extra time and money seeking out a replacement power source. A new rechargeable hearing aid battery does have a definite number of charged ions in it, which can influence the charge-life of the battery as well as its price overall. 

Charging your hearing aid doesn’t have to be difficult, as you will more than likely be provided with the means to charge your hearing aid whenever you first receive it. Most hearing aid charging ports feature a dock in station that you can connect your hearing aid to in order to charge it, so all you will need to do is remove your hearing aid and plug it in!

It’s so important that you can keep your hearing aid at a good battery level through each and every day, otherwise you risk being left without access to your hearing aid at nearly any time no matter where you might be. Experiencing battery death when you’re out and about and desperately rely on your hearing aid can cause you to feel untold levels of stress, so you must ensure you can keep it fully charged by plugging it in as often as possible. 

How To Clean A Hearing Aid 

Keeping your hearing aid clean must always be a main priority. Wearing a dirty hearing aid can lead to an infection, and any grime that builds up over time can begin to affect the quality and volume of sound your hearing aid can produce. Fortunately, figuring out how to clean your hearing aid doesn’t have to be difficult, as there are two main options that you can explore to get started – a specially designed hearing aid cleaning kit or a total DIY method.

Readymade cleaning kits contain all of the basic tools you might need to clean your hearing aid, including a wax brush, wire loop, cloth, vent cleaner and carrying case to protect each item.

Some cleaning kits might also include some kind of screwdriver and a battery magnet to allow you to open the battery compartment and safely remove your hearing aid batteries before cleaning. Cleaning kits can be purchased on the internet or at your local pharmacy or drugstore, and it’s common to be able to source them from your audiologist too.

However, if you don’t want to splash out on a specially designed cleaning kit for whatever reason, then you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush as an effective replacement for the wax removal tool, utilize disinfectant wipes instead of a dry cloth and invest in an alcohol and chemical free cleaner to clean the earmolds.

You must always take your time whenever you are cleaning your hearing aids, as they require considerable attention to detail in order to stay as clean as possible. Rushing such a task will certainly cause you to leave gunk and grime lurking on your hearing aid, which will certainly put you at risk of experiencing discomfort or losing speaker quality.

Never get your hearing aid totally wet either, as submerging your hearing aid in water can be extremely dangerous and may even break your hearing aid. Don’t worry if you are a little scared to clean your hearing aid by yourself, as a number of top-quality audiologists will likely provide a cleaning & repair service that you can make the most of for a very small fee. 

Understanding exactly how to charge and clean your hearing aid device can transform your experience as a hearing aid user. You can expect to maintain ultimate clarity come rain or shine while ensuring that no matter where you might be, your hearing aid has enough power to keep on going for hours on end. 

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