When Should You See a Hearing Professional?

Hearing loss is widespread and occurs between the age of 65 and 75. However, it can happen at any age and shouldn’t be dismissed as something that only happens to older people.

Loss of hearing can begin from the age of 25 onwards and is made worse by excessively loud sounds, ear trauma and wax or infections. You might not even know that you require a hearing test since it can happen gradually and slowly.

You might need to see a hearing professional for the following reasons:

Trouble hearing is a clear indicator that you need professional medical help. Also, if you regularly take part in loud hobbies, you could be causing damage to your ears. Where you work can also expose your ears to sounds that are too loud and can cause damage over time.

Hearing professionals can perform a battery of unobtrusive tests. In addition, they can examine your ears and recommend non-prescription treatments and provide professional advice. 

Problems with Your Hearing

Socializing problems such as losing someone mid-conversation is a good indicator that hearing loss might have occurred. Other things like dulled sounds from everyday items are another primary indicator of hearing problems. For example, items with high-pitched sounds like telephones, car alarms and the TV may become difficult to detect correctly.

A ringing in your ears is another severe symptom of hearing loss. It could be a sign of tinnitus, an intense and debilitating condition. For example, it is believed that tinnitus caused Vincent van Gogh to cut off his ear. Tinnitus is more pronounced when it is quiet and can cause psychological issues such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. If you believe you have tinnitus, then book a hearing professional appointment.

Regular Loud Hobbies

Guns typically reach dangerous sound levels of up to 175dB, more than twice that of recommended safe sound. In addition, the booming sound and instant bang of a firearm can severely damage your ears. This makes hobbies like sport shooting very dangerous if you don’t use ear protection. If you regularly engage in loud hobbies like this, you should schedule regular appointments with a hearing health professional.

Additionally, the regular and continuous exposure to loud sounds means that musicians are at a high risk of developing hearing-related issues. Issues such as hearing loss and tinnitus are common with musicians. Because of the loud and continuous exposure to music and varying frequencies, musicians should book regular appointments with hearing specialists.

When You Require Hearing Protection

Your job might expose you to loud sounds regularly. Unfortunately, work environments can be a primary contributor to hazardous sounds that can damage your ears over an extended period. Construction sites, airports and even busy restaurants are prime examples of work environments that are too loud.

All of these are usually over 85dB and might require ear protection. Depending on the specific situation, the types of sounds you are subjected to will vary. However, these will dictate the kind of ear protection that you require. But suppose it’s the case that you are regularly exposed to any of these situations or others who need ear protection as standard. In that case, your ear health is at risk. Therefore, it is recommended that you see a hearing health professional regularly.

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