Patient Columbine sat with Stephanie Sanzari and shared her experiences at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions.


"I didn't want to buy another pair buy another pair of hearing aids because of all the trouble with a previous pair. But I'm very happy that I got them."


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Dr. April Egarian sat down with Florence, a patient at the Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions' Paramus Office. Florence has been a patient for 6 years and a hearing aid wearer for 30.

Florence recently came in for a hearing aid repair and shared her experiences.

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Antonia Rey is an actress and has been wearing Oticon hearing aids for several years. She says acting is not just talking, but listening; if you’re not able to hear clearly, it affects your responses – and in life as well.

She wasn’t aware that she couldn’t hear, and after it was pointed out that she said “excuse me” a lot, she went for a hearing test. 

“People are very funny.  Nobody hesitates to put on glasses.  But if you tell them to put on a hearing aid, ‘well maybe next year.’ No- do it now."