Megan sat down with Jared and shared her experiences with becoming a hearing aid wearer:

"I love the fact that I can listen to my audiobooks, and telephone conversations, and music and it gets pumped right into my hearing aids!

If I keep wearing them consistently, I'm likely to maintain my hearing!"

Hear more about her experiences (closed captions available):


Dr. Biondi in the Mahwah office sat down with Suzanne, after wearing hearing aids for a few weeks. She shares her journey of denying her hearing needs for several years.

"I kept tricking myself to find ways to not address it. It was a little bit of adjustment, mostly by me... But the sound of hearing birds, I'm enjoying hearing."

Check out Suzanne's whole story below (closed captions available):


Dr. April Egarian sat down with Violet in the Paramus Office.

Violet is a people person, who's hearing loss affected her interactions with those around her.

Aside from now being able to effectively communicate, she loved the office and staff of Audiology and Hearing Aid Solutions


Check out her story (captions available):