Dear Dr. Biondi,
I thought you might like some feedback on the Widex Divas that I have worn 16 hours or so each day for 10 days now. First, I am amazed at what such little instruments can do! They are so easy to wear that for two nights I forgot to take it out before I went to bed!
When someone speaks to me across the table or in the same room, it is the other person who says, “What” or “I didn’t hear you!” The television volume has been turned down about 2/3 of where I used to keep it. Now, other people in the room want the volume higher, but not me.
In a restaurant or at a large party, with many conversations going on at once, I can hear all speaking who are at our table. I can once again converse with my neighbors across the street. I can hear our front and back doorbells and the telephone ringing even if I’m in the basement or on the porch.
Regards for now!


We went out to eat recently at a rather noisy restaurant. In the past, I really had to tune everything out. I just could not hear anything with all the distraction. But the Inteo hearing aids really compensate for that somehow. Just last week we were out at a very noisy restaurant, and it didn’t bother me at all. I could understand people around the table talking to me, and it worked well. I’m much more comfortable. The Inteos are the most comfortable hearing aid. I go for hours and don’t even realize I have them on. I have to almost touch my ear to see if they’re still there!

-Richard M.

April 28, 2015
Hi Dr. Weiner!
I have never been happier with my new Cros hearing aids!
Since I was 7 years old, I have struggled with single-sided deafness. For the last several years my good ear has started declining with high frequency loss. I found myself getting depressed and not accepting invitations to parties or restaurants that were noisy!
In 2012 I had a bone anchored hearing aid implanted by Cochlear. I did well in quiet environments but was not satisfied in noisy places and found myself turning the processor off.
Dr. Weiner, when you suggested that I try the Widex Cros hearing aid, it was the answer to all my problems!
I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and confidence in the products you recommend for me!
You are the best!

Sophia D.