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For those experiencing hearing loss (treated or not), there can be some communication errors. Whether it is from not hearing someone or hearing the wrong thing entirely, ineffective communication can cause stress for both the person with hearing loss and their friends and family.

At Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, we want to help you maintain quality hearing and communication for you and those around you.


Acknowledging hearing loss is the first step in effective communication. Simple requests such as asking family members, friends and coworkers to look directly towards you when talking can make a big difference. If the people you are talking with know you have hearing difficulties, there may be fewer misunderstandings if you do not respond or appear to be ignoring the talker.

If you know you may be going into a difficult listening situation, plan ahead. When going out for dinner, suggest going at a time that is not usually busy or a restaurant that is relatively quiet. You can and should request a table furthest from the kitchen.

When you are not wearing your hearing device or if you were recently fitted with hearing aids, be patient. Adjusting to the technology can be overwhelming at times. However, the guidance and support from the team at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions will help you regain confidence in your communication skills.

If you are wearing hearing aids but think there is still room for hearing improvement, your hearing needs may have changed and you may need to adjust or update your hearing aid.

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