family in snowWinter is approaching.  A time of holiday gatherings, sledding, building snowmen or bundling up on the couch with your favorite book or movie.

The sounds of snow crunching under your feet, carolers singing, and the jingling bells on holiday wreaths are nostalgic sounds that many look forward to every year.  However, if you’re experiencing hearing loss, you’re missing out on all these wonderful sounds.  


As the holidays come and go, and winter carries on, see if you can hear these joyous sounds.  Listen for the crackling of logs on a fire, the tearing of wrapping paper, and laughs of children.  If you are missing them, the Audiologists and Staff at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions want to help you enjoy all your holidays.  Call to schedule a hearing assessment. Our staff can evaluate your hearing and determine if hearing devices would enhance your hearing health.

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