AHAS CollageFebruary has been a busy month for several members of the staff at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, as they attended the 2016 AHAA Convention in Las Vegas.

Despite what you may think, it wasn’t all showgirls and casinos. The staff spent the days learning about striving towards practice excellence, creating caring environments and meeting your needs.

However, once the day was finished, they were able to have a little fun and take in the warm Nevada weather.

 Did you know that on this day in history in 1888, Vincent Van Gogh decided that life would be better after he proceeded to remove a large portion of his left ear.The holidays can be stressful, but not enough to cut off your ear.

If the holidays are starting to take their toll, try the tips below to make things easier for your loved ones with untreated hearing loss.

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic health conditions affecting older adults today. Individuals with hearing loss more often experience symptoms like depression and some social isolation. Evidence has shown that older adults with hearing loss have developed decreased cognitive performance. Mild cognitive impairment (also known as MCI) is the stage between the expected decline of normal aging and the more serious decline of dementia. It can include problems with memory, thinking, language, and judgment.

A new study has shown that older adults wearing hearing aids has reduced cognitive decline that has been associated with hearing loss. This may motivate older adults with hearing loss to finally seek professional care. It followed 3,670 adults, age 65 and older over a 25-year period.