Mowing Lawn Can Harm HearingExposure to loud noise can cause hearing loss that often takes the form of temporary or permanent tinnitus.

Tinnitus is described as a nagging buzzing, whistling, whining, or screeching noise in the head or ears that varies in intensity and can be intermittent or constant. The degree of loudness and even the type of sound is particular to each person. Some tinnitus sufferers describe the noise as being as piercing and sharp, such as the signal used in the emergency broadcast system. Tinnitus research suggests that you are more likely to experience tinnitus if you also have a hearing loss.

Tinnitus afflicts 50 million people in the U.S., and it can be instigated or worsened by the sounds of summer like boats, firecrackers and lawnmowers. All of these sounds are produced at decibel levels that can increase or cause hearing loss and tinnitus.

Costco Hearing AidsPeople with hearing loss deserve choices that allow them to find the solution that best meets their individual needs.

At Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, we believe this is best accomplished through a personal relationship with one of our certified hearing professionals.

Many people think that it will be easy to buy hearing aids at a box store or online. These options may seem like they will be cheaper or more convenient. But, there are several inherent problems for consumers looking to buy hearing aids this way. Let’s do the math.

Spring HearingMay is Better Hearing and Speech Month, which makes it the perfect time to schedule a hearing evaluation at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions if you have experienced any degree of hearing loss.

Roughly 36 million people in the U.S. experience hearing loss and almost half of the U.S population over the age of 75 has some degree of hearing loss. While hearing loss is a common health condition, only 20 percent of people visit a hearing specialist when they know there is a problem.

While hearing loss may seem like an inconvenience, it can have a major impact on your quality of life. People with hearing loss miss out on special moments with friends and loved ones. The constant struggle to hear can even leave a person feeling depressed, frustrated and anxious.

AHAA Convention 2017 Group Photo at Pat OBriensThis February, the team from Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions traveled to Orlando, Florida for the 2017 AHAA Convention. The objective was to acquire a better understanding of the issues in the industry and how to better serve patients.

Looking ahead to the future, was the overall theme for the conference. With technology and trends rapidly changing and developing, it is important to stay ahead of the curve.

World Hearing DayHealthy hearing is a gift we often take for granted. Imagine walking down the street, unable to hear the birds chirp and the sounds of the city. Imagine spending time with your family, unable to hear your child or grandchild’s laughter?

For 360 million people around the world, this is their reality. For World Hearing Day (March 3rd), we ask you to take time and celebrate your ability to hear.