There are many hearing aid options available today. At Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, serving residents in Clifton, Paramus, Pompton Lakes, Mahwah, Morrisville and Pompton Plains, New Jersey, we understand that choosing hearing aids can be complicated. That’s why our staff of experienced audiologists is dedicated to helping you select the hearing aid best suited for your unique needs, based on the results of your hearing tests, your lifestyle, needs and budget. With our patient-centered approach, our goal is not to sell you an expensive device, but to find the right solution for you!


We carry a wide variety of hearing aid styles from the best manufacturers in the industry, including:


      • Oticon
        Oticon products allow wearers to hear better and remember more with less effort. Most Oticon hearing aids are compatible with Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) and can be programmed for varying degrees of hearing loss.

        Premium Features
        • Tinnitus SoundSupport™ - Hearing aids with Tinnitus SoundSupport help you take control of your tinnitus. SoundSupport plays a wide range of relief sounds like white noise, the ocean breeze, or something customized uniquely for you. You can easily and discreetly control the sound level in your hearing aids using the Oticon ON App for iPhone and Android.  
        • BrainHearing™ Technology - Oticon hearing instruments with this technology are designed for your brain, supporting and collaborating with the work it does. BrainHearing™ helps you hear better and with less effort so you can live life actively.

  Product Lines


        • miniRite - For mild and to severe hearing loss. Small and discreet, fits behind the ear and is made for the iPhone®. You can now turn any Opn miniRITE hearing device into a rechargeable.
        • miniRite T - Features a telecoil for a better listening experience in theaters, churches or other public places with lopping systems installed.
        • BTE13 Plus Power - Slim and powerful hearing aid that sits behind the ear. Robust style featuring a speaker, telecoil, and LED indicator that monitors hearing aid status for parents or caregivers.

  Performance Line

          • Dynamo - Innovative super power hearing instrument that allows your brain to have access to the fuller spectrum of sounds and lets you capture more speech details. 
          • Alta2 - Premium hearing aid that offers more opportunities for personalization.
          • Nera2 - Advanced mid-level hearing aid with superior sound quality and many options for personalization.
          • Ria2 - Provides all the essentials you need for better hearing. Tailor the sound to your personal hearing preferences to have a more natural listening experience. 

  Legacy Line

        • Alta - Hear more anywhere, anytime, with its performance. Alta features BrainHearing™ technology, allowing it to work in harmony with your brain, automatically adjusting and optimizing sound.
        • Nera - Oticon’s mid-level hearing device. Nera features BrainHearing™ technology.
        • Ria - Provides all the essentials you need for better hearing. Ria features BrainHearing™.
        • Agil- This sound processing technology works with your brain to organize, select and follow the sounds and voices you want to hear, and minimize competing background sounds.
        • Acto - Gives you the features you need for clear and comfortable sound in our full range of styles and colors.
        • Ino - Provides the extra amplification you need while minimizing distracting background sounds, helping you focus on speech, and cutting down on feedback.
        • Chili - A solution with power and technical sophistication for meeting the needs of those with severe to profound hearing loss.
    • Widex
      The newest Widex product line of hearing aids includes the Beyond, Unique and Dream. They vary in technology and capabilities. Many Widex hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible offering the ability to connect wirelessly to other devices, making listening in many challenging situations easier. Widex also offers the Audibility Extender, which movies high-frequency sounds to lower pitches that can be heard more easily.
    • Phonak
      Phonak hearing aids range from entry-level to advanced in technology, and have devices that are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Their product line includes: the Virto-B Titanium, Bolero B-PR, Audeo B-R, Audeo, Naida, Virto, and BiCROS. Phonak’s SoundRecover (in the Naida device) compresses high-frequency, enabling audibility of sounds that would otherwise be missed.
    • Starkey
      Starkey offers The X Series, Wi Line and 3 Series product lines. With varying styles and capabilities, Starkey offers a hearing aid to fit your needs.
    • Signia
      The Signia product line offers a wide variety of digital hearing aids in a myriad of colors and styles. Signia devices are suitable for any age and any degree of hearing loss. Some are available with tinnitus maskers; others enhance the sound and clarity of music, making listening easier, even in difficult environments without annoying background noises.


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