Rebecca has been wearing hearing aids since the age of 5.  Without hearing instruments, she feels that she would be shyer and avoid interactions with people.  At home and at work, the difference between wearing hearing aids and not is significant.  


Dr. Biondi sat down with Sandy after only wearing her new hearing aids for one day.


She had previously purchased a pair without seeing a hearing aid specialist, and after a while, the noise was so disorienting, she had to discontinue wearing one.  After only one day of wearing her hearing devices, she was able to hear people sitting around her, but was not affected by the other sounds in the room.

"I hear every person speaking to me; the outside noise is filtered.  I never knew what I was missing."

She encourages everyone to give it a try.  

Menashe had put off getting hearing aids for over 6 months, and finally realized all that he was missing.
“You don’t know what you’re missing until you have it in.”