Jodi Kosofsky, from our Paramus location, talks about her experience with hearing aids.

"I am so glad to have found you. I have found everyone to be so nice. I've sent a number of my male and female colleagues to you, who are so pleased with your services and ability to help them with hearing much better at home, at work, and in social situations.

As a psychoanalyst, I understand denial and resistance to accepting hearing loss. However, it's a life changing event when you decide to obtain them."

Shirley Kurdock, from our Mahwah location, shows off her Christmas gift from her family, a new set of hearing aids. It's always the perfect time to give the gift of better hearing. Don't stand by when your loved ones suffer from hearing loss. Encourage them to make an appointment.

Karyn Friend, from our Clifton location, talks about her experience with hearing aids over the past week. "I didn't know I needed one that badly. It's great, I could hear my mother-in-law on the phone. I could hear my husband in the other room. The TV, I don't have to put it up to 50 volume, I can keep it on 3 or 4. It's amazing!"