Lisa Pauley, talks about her experience with her new hearing aid.

“I can hear the birds. I can hear the people. I can hear the world. It is the most fascinating thing to be able to hear again. When you have a hearing loss, it is definitely a deficit. You need to hear. When your little granddaughter speaks to you with her soft sweet voice, you don’t have to keep asking, ‘what.’ It’s tremendous. It’s a lifesaving benefit for me. I love it and I would recommend it. You have to get help and get your hearing tested; it helps you live a better life. I never realized what I was missing until I used this hearing aid.”

Eileen Siraki, from our Mahwah location, talks about her experience with hearing aids.

"It's been life changing. It has really made a significant difference, especially at work. I was missing conversations in big conference meetings. Today, I am doing so much better. I am definitely happier, and it's changed my mood. I am less frustrated because now I can hear."

Marilyn Bartholmew, from our Mahwah location, talks about her experience with hearing aids over the last four years.

"My hearing aids have been extremely helpful to me. Dr. Biondi has programmed them for me so that I can adjust them to watch TV and hear in restaurants. It's really helpful when out at restaurants because they can be so noisy, but my hearing aids help me hear people more clearly. Dr. Biondi is so attentive and listens to my needs and I really appreciate how he has been helping me for all these years."