Experienced hearing aid user, Norman give a positive review about his new hearing aids with Tinnitus relief feature.

"They're excellent. One of the things I noticed - I was at a baseball game and I could hear the outfielders while they were warming up. Catching a ball. I could hear the ball hitting the mitt of the players, which is unbelievable because we were a good distance away. [John's wife] She couldn't hear them.


She didn't believe it, so I would close my eyes and tell her when the ball hit the mitt of each player. The great feature is the phone. I would never take calls, if I could help it, on my cell phone. I'd rather use the land line. I would always hear better. With this option, and getting the bluetooth - it is unbelievable. I would now prefer calls through that than the regular land line. I really understand that. It eats up the battery but it's really great. They're fantastic, and you did a great job getting it all set up for me. I don't even need adjustments or anything. You did a good job on that.


Oh, and that's the other thing. Children's voices, I would hear them, of course. But I would always miss words. Having them for this weekend, I don't think had any trouble at all. Even when we went out to dinner in a restaurant. With the noise of the restaurant, and they don't speak that loud - I could still hear everything they had to say, so that was super."

"It's nice to sleep at night and have silence, but when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is put my hearing aids in. I get to hear the birds, I get to hear the normal things in life that you don't realize you're missing. It has changed my life completely. My family is happier with me. You don't want to hear "what, what?", "say that again". Many of my friends know I wear hearing aids. I've recommended customers to you because I just love your service, and I can't say anything more about it."