Antonia Rey is an actress and has been wearing Oticon hearing aids for several years. She says acting is not just talking, but listening; if you’re not able to hear clearly, it affects your responses – and in life as well.

She wasn’t aware that she couldn’t hear, and after it was pointed out that she said “excuse me” a lot, she went for a hearing test. 

“People are very funny.  Nobody hesitates to put on glasses.  But if you tell them to put on a hearing aid, ‘well maybe next year.’ No- do it now."

Dr. Biondi sat down with Carol Y. at the Mahwah office recently, who was in for her first hearing screening.

"I knew I had a loss...  I couldn't believe I didn't all [the sounds].  It's unbelievable at what two little things in your ear can do.  It's amazing."

Rebecca has been wearing hearing aids since the age of 5.  Without hearing instruments, she feels that she would be shyer and avoid interactions with people.  At home and at work, the difference between wearing hearing aids and not is significant.