Priscilla Reynolds, from our Paramus location, talks about her experience with hearing aids.

"I am happy to share my experience because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY HEARING AIDs.  I’m proud of them. I’ll even talk about them. I’ll point them out. They’ve changed my life.  I really feel like I’m part of conversations, I can hear voices in carpeted rooms and in large groups.  They are clear. I just I love them. 

April has been fantastic.  I bought a new pair a week ago, after having been without my other ones for a couple months.  And I wished I had done it sooner.

I can’t believe I went 3 months without them. It’s worth every single penny, because the stress is gone. I can participate. I can hear what’s going on.  And my new pair has Bluetooth, so I can listen to music now directly to my ears without a wire.  I can connect to my car. I can remotely control the volume of my hearing aids no matter where I am, whether I’m in a meeting or during a close conversation, and no one is the wiser. 

They are just terrific and I highly recommend that anyone with hearing loss come in to see April, because she is fantastic and the hearing aids are fantastic.”

Chuck and Linda, from our Clifton location, talk about their experience with hearing aids.

"I am a 77-year-old retiree and these hearing aids to me have been a miracle.  They allow me to hear everybody whenever I want to hear them.  When we are in a very crowded place with a table full of people, blabbing real loud, I can turn them off and still hear everybody with the other ear.  They are absolutely fabulous.  I think my hearing is the best it has ever been my whole life.  It's enabled me to live a normal life."

John Rennar, from our Paramus location, and his wife talk about their experience with his new hearing aids.

His new hearing aids have helped him talk to his brother on the phone, stay in the conversation when his son comes to visit, and he can actually hear his wife now when she talks to him from the other room.

"These new hearing aids have definitely been a big improvement."