Image of thank you cardMy mom Margaret Lusciandrello (and I, her daughter) wish to say thank you again for your excellent service and the care you always show in helping to customize the hearing aids that are best for Margaret.  A few months ago Margaret was contemplating the decision to purchase new hearing aids with current, improved technology, and we felt confident that you were the best specialist to ensure the outcome would result in better hearing with a custom fit.  

Margaret is a sociable 89-year lady with gastric cancer and undergoing chemo treatments, and she and the people who love her most want her to have the best quality of life possible….that certainly includes excellent hearing. The new high-quality Oticon hearing aids allow for easy conversation and have made it possible for Margaret to no longer struggle with trying to hear what’s being said around her or the previous frustration of having many words and sentences repeated and missing out on so much. 

Dr. Biondi in the Mahwah office sat down with Suzanne, after wearing hearing aids for a few weeks. She shares her journey of denying her hearing needs for several years.

"I kept tricking myself to find ways to not address it. It was a little bit of adjustment, mostly by me... But the sound of hearing birds, I'm enjoying hearing."

Check out Suzanne's whole story below (closed captions available):


Dr. April Egarian sat down with Violet in the Paramus Office.

Violet is a people person, who's hearing loss affected her interactions with those around her.

Aside from now being able to effectively communicate, she loved the office and staff of Audiology and Hearing Aid Solutions


Check out her story (captions available):