Costco Hearing AidsPeople with hearing loss deserve choices that allow them to find the solution that best meets their individual needs.

At Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions, we believe this is best accomplished through a personal relationship with one of our certified hearing professionals.

Many people think that it will be easy to buy hearing aids at a box store or online. These options may seem like they will be cheaper or more convenient. But, there are several inherent problems for consumers looking to buy hearing aids this way. Let’s do the math.

No Specialist + No Aftercare = A No Brainer

At a box store, it’s unlikely that they will have a trained hearing specialist working there. This means you will have to choose the right hearing aid on your own. Buying a hearing aid is an intricate process; not the kind of purchase that you want to rely on a cashier to assist you with.

On the other hand, when you visit your local hearing aid center, they will guide you through the entire process and be there to provide aftercare and repairs. The primary factor in the success of your hearing health is the skill and experience of the hearing specialist you see.

A trained hearing specialist will take you through a series of tests to determine the severity and type of hearing loss. Your local specialist will research hearing aids specifically designed for your type of hearing loss. This is a service most big box stores are not capable of offering, and this service is completely absent from an online purchase.

‘Savings’ Illusions + Uncertain Quality = Less Satisfaction

Although the prices online or in these box stores may seem attractive, the long-term cost will end up much higher. For instance, a hearing device for sale over the internet might be used or out of warranty. Most major manufacturers DO NOT support the online sale of hearing instruments – they stress the importance of patient care from a trusted specialist.

Hearing aids purchased from big box stores are typically a much lower quality than the devices you would get from your local dispenser. You may think you’re saving money, but you’re probably buying a cheap, poorly made hearing device. A visit to your local professional will guarantee you’re being offered the best and most tested products on the market.

Your local hearing aid center will provide you with access to long-lasting, higher quality hearing devices, instead of being sold something you don’t need, or worse, experiencing problems as soon as you get home. If anything happens to your hearing aids, you will know where to take them and who will be repairing them; the same provider who sold you the devices.

More Experience + More Care = Better Hearing Health

Some hearing aid shoppers don’t understand that professional care and service – including how the hearing devices are programmed – can be more important than snagging a “deal.” Our team knows that hearing aids are only as good as they are fitted and programmed.

Hearing aids also have an adjustment period. In fact, the success or failure of any brand or model of hearing aid relies on this adjustment period and the fitting process. At Audiology and Hearing Aid Solutions, every hearing aid is individually fitted and programmed for the wearer based on his or her level of hearing loss. If you purchase from just anyone, there is no guarantee that the hearing aid will be fine-tuned to the proper settings.

Put your hearing health in the hands of qualified professionals that can diagnose and evaluate your hearing, and recommend and provide a comprehensive solution to your hearing needs. If you are interested in learning how you or a loved one can benefit from visiting a certified hearing professional, contact Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions today at 888-473-8702, in Clifton, Paramus, Pompton Lakes, Mahwah and Pompton Plains, New Jersey.